PLS offers 5-panel DOT drug test, plus DOT Breath Alcohol testing required by the Department of Transportation. All technicians are certified.


People who work in certain settings are at an increased risk for being exposed to certain diseases, PLS can help you with your routine immunization needs.


Drug and alcohol testing is not a one-size-fits-all procedure. PLS will help guide you to use the appropriate methodology to suit your particular situation.


PLS specializes in laboratory testing services for businesses and individuals. We can help you settle pre-screen job applicants to testing your cholesterol level.


PLS determines if a biological relationship exists between individuals. DNA technology is the best method accepted for proving a biological relationship.


Our on-site laboratory services at PLS offers  comprehensive laboratory services. Our technicians collect specimens and perform all your required lab tests.

We Are Here When You Need Us.

Medical Drug and Alcohol Testing

Personal Lab Services specializes in laboratory testing services for businesses, and individuals. Our Houston Drug and Alcohol Testing go beyond providing alcohol and drug testing results. We do 5-panel DOT and non-DOT drug test, plus 10-panel non-DOT drug testing, or any combination thereof, as required by the employer.


Located in Houston, TX, Personal Lab Services can help you settle issues of paternity, identify if your teen is using drugs, prescreen job applicants, test your cholesterol levels and even tell you where your ancestors came from. Our location lab is the key to discovery.  A few of our highlighted services include:


+ Medical Lab Testing

+ Drug & Alcohol Testing

+ Adult Vaccinations

+ Children's Vaccinations

+ DNA/Paternity Testing

+ Individual Testing

+ DOT Consortium

+ On-Site Services

+ Healthcare Students

+ Training

+ Special Offers

+ Drug Testing Information

+ Corporate Flu Shots




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    Health, DNA & Drug Testing has never been easier or more affordable!


    Our featured services include:

    • Medical Lab Testing

    • Drug & Alcohol Testing

    • Adult Vaccinations

    • Children's Vaccinations

    • DNA/Paternity Testing

  • City of Houston Vehicle-For-Hire

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    Taxi & Limousine Drivers


    Save $5 Mondays & Fridays  [Limited Time Offer]


    *Receive an Additional $5 Off When You Schedule During Special Appointment Times

  • HCC Medical Students Testing

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    We have made it easier for HCC Health Science students to complete their enrollment requirements.


    Students, complete your drug test registration form(s) and pay for your on-site drug test and submit it to our office online. YOU ARE DONE!

  • Meningitis (MCV4) Vaccination

    Meningitis (MCV4) Vaccination Only $115


    The meningococcal conjugate vaccine (MCV4) can prevent four types of meningococcal disease. This vaccine protects about 90% of people who are infected by it.


    This vaccine is not confirmed for treatment of meningococcal infections.

  • DNA/Paternity Testing


    (Limited Time Offer~Non-Legal DNA Test only $209)

    Court Admissible & Personal (AABB Accredited Laboratory)

    Serving most major cities in the United States and abroad

    for Immigration needs and more!

  • Drug & Alcohol Testing


    We offers a full range of employee drug testing services from the customized design and implementation of a drug free workplace policy to meet the needs of each individual client to on-site collection services available 7 days a week and holidays.




    Flu vaccine is the best protection against the flu this season. If you get our flu vaccine, you're 60% less likely to need treatment for the flu by a healthcare provider.


    Getting the vaccine has been shown to provide substantial other benefits including reducing antibiotic use, illness,  hospitalizations, time lost from work, and deaths.

  • Adult & Childhood Vaccines


    Spring 2014 flu & vaccine clinics are now being reserved!

    Schedule your vaccine clinic for your business, church, school or community center today!

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We’re here to help you find answers!

Personal Lab Services offers Houston Drug and Alcohol Testing to our members on a walk-in basis, with no need for an appointment. Our Houston Drug and Alcohol Testing staff will put you at ease, draw your blood and collect other specimens in an anxiety-free environment - allowing you to return to your regular activities quickly.


+ Focusing on prevention and screening

+ Working closely with you to plan for your health

+ Comprehensive, accurate and secure repository for your records

+ Coordinating your tests, treatments, specialist visits and hospitalizations

+ Providing plain-spoken guidance, insight and advice


We offer the convenience of an easy-to-find, confidential testing facility with a comfortable, confidential testing facility for quick, accurate results in no time.


When our Houston Drug and Alcohol Testing experts receive and review your results, we will promptly email you with our interpretation and a copy of the actual report.


If you have any questions, you may contact our office at 713-980-0064.

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We encourage you to both purchase your lab test (s) and schedule your appointment online.  Feel free to contact us.


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