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Phone Number:

(713) 980-5794

Hours of Operation:

Monday – Friday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Drug testing cutoff time 4 PM

Holiday and Special hours will be posted on our website as needed.

**For Appointments and walk-ins:

All Physical Exams, Fit-for-Work Evaluations & DOT CME Exams are By Appointment ONLY and must be scheduled.

All drug tests collections and services must arrive no later than 3pm Monday thru Friday.

No walk-ins will be accepted after the listed times. All appointments are confirmed and reminders are sent out via text.


7447 Harwin Drive, Suite 102
Houston, TX 77036

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Discounts Thru March 1st! Free Flu Shots Available!

$79 Meningitis for College Students

$45 5-Panel Rapid Non-DOT Drug Test (Employers/Personal)

$55 10-Panel Rapid Non-DOT Drug Test

$99 Medical/Healthcare Students 10-Panel Drug Test & School Physical Combo

$30 TB Skin Test for students

$85 MMR Titer

$47 Varicella Tier

$47 Hep B Titer

$45 MMR/Varicella/Tetanus Vaccines for Students

$50 Hep B Vaccine for Students

$55 Physicals: School, Camps, MMA, Employment, DOT-CDL!

$259 Paternity Test! (Legal-AABB Lab)




( Prices Valid Until March 1, 2018)

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