On-Site Medical Service

PLS is committed to helping companies reduce employee costs. Seasonal flu is a leading cause of employee sick days nationwide. According to the Center for Disease Control, influenza causes 200 million days of diminished productivity and 75 million days of work absences among 18-64 year olds each year in the U.S. PLS offers corporate On-Site Medical Service Houston clinics in Houston as a convenient, affordable way to decrease sick days and keep employees healthier.

On-Site Drug Testing and Medical Services

PLS provides comprehensive, customized on-site drug testing and medical services for companies. Our all-inclusive On-Site Drug Testing Houston program allows employers to manage every aspect of an on-site project from compensation claims, assistance with workers to supervisor training and web-based results reporting.

On-Site Medical Services

On-site fully equipped medical trailer with multiple treatment rooms and the capacity to perform:

  • X-rays
  • Audiometric exams
  • Pulmonary fit tests
  • Physical exams

PLS manages employee data through a secure, interactive database where employers can create statistical reports, view test results, and view billing information.

On-Site Medical Service Houston program influence increased productivity because employees and subcontractors rarely need to leave the premises to complete drug and alcohol screening or medical treatment.

College Student's Discounts Thru May 31st! Free Flu Shots w/ Additional Vaccine Purchase! While supplies last!!

$75 Meningitis for College Students

$45 5-Panel Rapid Non-DOT Drug Test (Employers/Personal)

$55 10-Panel Rapid Non-DOT Drug Test

$99 Healthcare Students 10-Panel Drug Test & Physical Combo

$35 TB Skin Test for students

$85 MMR Titer

$50 Varicella Tier

$50 Hep B Titer

$50 MMR/Varicella/Tetanus Vaccines for Students

$65 Hep B Vaccine for Students

$150 Per Shot Hep B Fast track (3 shots in 3 weeks)

$55 Physicals: School, Camps, MMA, Employment, DOT-CDL!

$259 Paternity Test! (Legal-AABB Lab)




( Prices Valid Until May 31, 2018)

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