DOT Consortium

Random Selection & Management Services

PLS takes the worry out of your DOT Random Selection process for Drug and Alcohol Testing Compliance

You need a DOT Consortium Drug and Alcohol Testing service that keeps your motor carrier operation compliant with the US Department Of Transportation. You are also interested in keeping your expenses down by making sure that your random selection program is affordable without compromising the quality of service. Personal Lab Services is here to help with all of your US DOT random selection compliance needs.

Compliance is Not an Option

Failure to adhere to DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing regulations may leave your business in violation of 49 CFR Part 40 of the US DOT procedures for transportation rules and regulations. Companies caught without a compliance program — or with a program that is non-compliant will face fines and the possibility of being pulled off the road immediately.

PLS offers you “Expertise”

A DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing Program should give you the confidence of knowing it follows all of the Department of Transportation’s complex regulations. With PLS, you will have everything that you need to be DOT compliant when it comes to your drug and alcohol testing. Our programs have passed numerous DOT audits.

 Industry Experience A successful DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing Program isn’t one that simply ‘checks the right boxes’. You need a provider that goes the extra-mile and understands the world that motor carriers like you operate in. This is why we ONLY FOCUS ON FMCSA REGULATED EMPLOYERS AND OWNER/OPERATORS. All of our attention goes towards our knowledge-base when it comes to FMCSA rules, regulations and any changes that may be put into place for our FMCSA employers and owner/operators.  By focusing on one regulated entity and not all regulated we are able to provide the best service possible to our motor carriers. At PLS, we believe in providing the highest level of customer service. We have been working with motor carriers for more than 20 years and recognize your unique needs.

We can offer the following services:

  • Drug Testing – Random –Reasonable Suspicion- Return to Duty – Post Accident
  • Breath Alcohol Test – Performed by Certified Technician
  • Consortium Membership (Random Selection Services Only)
  • Consortium Management (Management and maintenance of your DOT employees including document management and storage, pre-employment verification and document handling)
  • Written Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy $125 for our small businesses or $399 for a specialized drug and alcohol testing policy (usually requested by employers with more than 50 employees).  Please contact our office for specifications and design of your policy.


Many motor carriers only consider the cost of Random testing. But a DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing Program should be affordable at all times. PLS’ DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing Program is affordable and you always know what you will pay, even under unusual situations.  We constantly provide pricing information and will notify you of any additional fees associated with collection services and Breath Alcohol Tests performed at any of our partnering collection and testing facilities.


Personal Lab Services, Inc. offers a consortium as part of our drug and alcohol testing services for our DOT regulated companies and drivers. Whether you are a company with hundreds of regulated employees or an independent contractor, we are here to help.

We have listed many of our services below. Fill out our form and request information on any of the DOT services we have available. You can email us below with questions or request an application for membership.

PLS provides the government-mandated employee random selection pool, the laboratory and medical review officer, drug and alcohol testing program and collection, and a program that complies with all federal regulations.

The primary benefit to firms such as small trucking companies and other regulated businesses is the great decrease cost by Personal Lab Services providing many services for just a minimum enrollment fee, plus we review any changes in DOT Consortium regulations that would affect your company. As a consortium member, you’ll have a hassle-free program with affordable rates that lets you prioritize your resources and time.

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DOT Consortium Pricing:

Membership in our random selection pool provides you with the following services:

  • Random Drug Testing Pool Entry from your sign-up date to the last day of the calendar year
  • A random selection for DOT drug testing once per quarter , 4 times a year, at a 50% testing rate of the entire pool annually.  Rate are subject to change as DOT changes are published.
  • Random selection of Breath Alcohol Test (BATs) at a rate of 10% of the entire pool per quarter
  • DOT Clearinghouse Support & Management (for select membership levels only)
  • Annual DOT Drug and Alcohol Management Information System (MIS) Compliance Report
  • 24/7 Client Portal Access
  • DOT Audit Assistance
  • Electronic forms for drug testing
  • Same day Certification
  • Client Portal Access where you can order services, review results, add and remove your drivers 24/7.

DOT Pricing List:

  • $125 Owner/Operator Random Selection Only (One driver only for the duration of your membership)
  • $199 Employers 1-25 Employees Random Selection and Drug Testing Management Services
    • Service includes Clearinghouse Management Services
    • 24/7 Access to our client portal for viewing reports ordering testing services, and adding/removing drivers
    • Unlimited Drivers Added/Removed from driver list
    • Discounted Policy Development or Review of current policy
    • $10 Membership Discount on each pre-employment and random drug test (Regular price $79/ea)
    • $10 Membership Discount on each pre-employment and random breath alcohol test (Regular price $55/ea)
  • $399 Employers with 26 or more Employees Random Selection and Drug Testing Management Services
    • Service includes Clearinghouse Management Services
    • 24/7 Access to our client portal for viewing reports ordering testing services, and adding/removing drivers
    • Unlimited Drivers Added/Removed from driver list
    • Standard DOT Drug And Alcohol Testing Policy Development or Review of current policy
    • $10 discount on each pre-employment and random drug test ($79/ea)
    • $15 discount on each pre-employment and random breath alcohol test ($55/ea)
  • DOT 5 Panel Extended Drug Test $79.00 per test
    • MRO Services on each DOT drug test is required by the Department of Transportation.
    • The MRO (Medical Review Officer) fee is included in the drug test fee.
  • DOT Collection Fee included in the drug test fee ONLY when the collection occurs at Personal Lab Services’ business location.  Collections that occur at alternate locations will incur the collection fees of that location (Fees for alternate collection sites are currently at $45 and are not included in the drug test fee.  The collection site fee will be billed along with the cost of the test to the employer.  Collection fee rates are subject to change based on the collection site fees.
  • DOT Breath Alcohol Test (BAT) $55.00 per test/per occurrence/per confirmation test.
    • All positive Breath Alcohol Tests must have a secondary confirmation test performed 15 minutes after the first test.
    • An additional $55 charge will be assessed for ALL required confirmation tests .

*Post Accident/Random Testing Cab Kits for after-hours testing and/or emergency testing situations (Not Required)

Our “DOT Cab Kits” are sealed collection kits containing the following:

  • D.O.T.  CCF (Chain and Control Form)

For Your Convenience

Things don’t always work…. as a result, we continue to provide DOT Driver Kits to our employers.  Technical difficulties with E-forms and the digital collection processes can keep a driver from completing his or her random testing requirement.  If a collection site cannot perform a digital collection, it is a great feeling when your driver can provide the facility  with a hard copy Custody and Control Form so that the drug testing process can be continue.

Random drug tests are typically scheduled using DOT approved electronic forms (e-forms) at a pre-approved facility. A hard copy of the DOT CCF is provided in the event the collection site is unable to access the online system for any reason and is forced to turn the employee away WITHOUT an actual paper CCF. It is provided for convenience purposes only and is not a requirement. All “DOT Driver Kits” are kept in the vehicle(s) at all times. They are provided for the sole purpose of random drug testing.

Post Accident Testing Services

Post Accident After Hours Drug Testing Occurs at the cost of the employer and is based on the rate set by the local area facility chosen for the collection and testing service. Collection fees for the drug test and breath alcohol test (BAT) performed at any facility other than Personal Lab Service’s office will incur the fee(s) charged by that facility. Personal Lab Services does not set nor control the cost of “Out-Of Area” or “Third-Party” drug testing services.

Why Choose Us?

  • Over 15 Years of Experience
  • Same Day Results
  • On-Line Reporting
  • Fast and Accurate Services
  • Focus on Prevention & Screening
  • Works Closely With You to Facilitate Your Needs
  • Provide Plain-Spoken Guidance, Insight & Advice
  • Coordinate Your Tests, Treatments & Return Visits
  • Majority of Our Services Can Be Performed and Results Provided Without the Need For a Return Visit