The ETG alcohol test screens for Alcohol Metabolites in a urine sample.

ETG Alcohol form of testing is a resource specifically incorporated to audit, survey, and measure a person’s alcohol intake and can be performed for:

  • Court-ordered or Court-related needs
  • Child welfare/CPS needs
  • Probationary needs
  • Employment

We currently perform ETG testing for:

  • Parole officers
  • Parolees
  • Child Protective Services (CPS)
  • Clients under legal representation
  • Employers
  • Parents testing teenagers

Testing is quick and results can be provided the same day of your visit. Circumstances may require an individual to have ETG testing performed multiple times for an unspecified duration. We offer discounted prices for such occasions. Call today to find out pricing for your specific situation.

Rapid ETG Alcohol Test $49.00 

Rapid ETG Alc0hol + 10-Panel Rapid Drug Screen $99

  • Same Day Results
  • Report “As-Is” results
  • Discounts available for clients requiring monthly testing
  • Confirmation services on rapid EGT Alcohol Test are NOT available (Refer to test below)

Discount options only apply to ETG Rapid Testing services.

ETG Alcohol Test with GCMS laboratory confirmation of results $89.00

ETG Alcohol + 10-Panel Drug Test $159

  • Results in 1-3 days (approximately)
  • Includes confirmation (if required)

Why Choose Us?

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  • Focus on Prevention & Screening
  • Works Closely With You to Facilitate Your Needs
  • Provide Plain-Spoken Guidance, Insight & Advice
  • Coordinate Your Tests, Treatments & Return Visits
  • Majority of Our Services Can Be Performed and Results Provided Without the Need For a Return Visit