Student Vaccines, Lab Tests & Drug Testing

Personal Lab Services, Inc. puts a high priority into ensuring that current and potential Healthcare Students are able to meet the demanding requirements for entering and remaining in the healthcare programs that are offered in all Universities, Colleges and Continuing Educational Institutions throughout the surrounding area.  We do this by providing affordable vaccines, physical examinations, blood work (Hep B & C, MMR & Varicella Titers), and drug testing services to ALL students.

Students Screenings & Testing for College

PLS Healthcare Students Enrollment Solutions and Checklist provides affordable options for any student entering into a college/university healthcare program.

 Our solutions are created to assist college and university healthcare programs in Houston, College Station, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Beaumont, Baytown, Louisiana, Oklahoma (…and many more) manage their student enrollment requirements. We work to meet the stringent deadlines for the students at a cost that is affordable.

PLS has focused on serving the healthcare industry in the Houston and its surrounding areas, which means we know the complicated regulatory requirements and standards affecting the healthcare programs.  We work diligently with program leaders and decision-makers to ensure the most efficient delivery of services for the educational institutions and the students.

PLS supports the National League for Nursing (NLN) and continues to work with allied health programs across Houston. We’re expanding our services as we work to help clinical education programs meet and exceed the healthcare industry’s emerging expectations and requirements.

Our Healthcare Students Enrollment Solutions are customized to meet your schools health program’s enrollment needs.

Overstocked Vaccines! Prices Reduced!

Pricing For Healthcare Students on all Vaccinations & Blood Work

Check back often for specials and discounts for students only.

 Vaccinations For Students – Additional Savings Happening NOW. 

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Discounts for students only!

($99/per shot MMR/$79 VAR/$69 HEP B/$69 TDAP/$69 HEP A/$75 HPV)

$75 Meningitis for First Year College Students Only!

While supplies last. Ends December 2022!

Vaccinations For Students Additional Savings (Limited time Only)

Limited Time offer.  Prices subject to change without notice. FOR STUDENTS ONLY!

Additional cash discounts below when purchasing full series of a vaccination. (Example: If purchasing Hepatitis B Vaccinations, all three shot must be paid for on your first visit to receive the discounted pricing listed below.)

MMR (Measles/Mumps/Rubella) $150 for 2-shot series
VAR (VARICELLA/CHICKEN POX) $125 for 2-shot series
HEP B $150.00 for 3-shot series
Tetanus $60.00 (single shot)
Flu Shot $20.00 (single shot)
Meningitis (MCV4) $60.00 (single shot)

Why Choose Us?

  • Over 15 Years of Experience
  • Same Day Results
  • On-Line Reporting
  • Fast and Accurate Services
  • Focus on Prevention & Screening
  • Works Closely With You to Facilitate Your Needs
  • Provide Plain-Spoken Guidance, Insight & Advice
  • Coordinate Your Tests, Treatments & Return Visits
  • Majority of Our Services Can Be Performed and Results Provided Without the Need For a Return Visit