Medical Lab Testing

Medical Health Laboratory Testing

Every day, we offer Medical Lab Testing Houston Services that focus on our consumers individual specific concerns. It is designed to empower and assist consumers in getting control of their health while saving money in the process.

You don’t need a doctor’s order to get tested. All you have to do is know what your concerns are and get tested Medical Lab Testing Houston services today.

Regular health testing can help you prevent many costly medical problems by allowing you to know where you stand on a regular basis.

And because we know that maintaining good health can be very costly, we have great prices for you.
Our customers include hospitals and managed care plans, physicians and their patients, private employers, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, military and law enforcement agencies.

Accuracy, speed and privacy are the hallmarks of Medical Lab Testing Houston services and we are proud to say that our local network exceeds all expectations. Hair testing, individual urine testing or third party drug administration program;

PLS provides highly personalized and efficient service to our clients and patients:

Most Frequently Requested Health Tests:

**PLEASE NOTE: Due to rising lab costs, the prices of our health lab tests listed below are subject to change without notice. Call our office for the most up-to-date pricing information.

HIV $45.00
PT/INR $45.00
Cholesterol (HDL/LDL) $45.00
Pregnancy Test (BHCG) Urine $50.00
Pregnancy Test (BHCG) Serum $45.00
Hemoglobin A1c (Glycosylated Hgb) $65.00
Menopause Profile (Estradiol, FSH, LH) $149.00
Hepatitis (ABC) Virus Evaluation $89.00
Anemia Profile (CBC, Retic, B12, Folate, Iron TIBC) $109.00
STD Panel II (Chlam, GC, HIV, RPR, Hep B) $675.00
Colon Screening for Occult Blood (Take Home Kits) $85.00
PSA (Prostatic Specific Antigen) $55.00
Drug Screen (Results in 20 minutes) $45.00
Drug Screen GCMS Confirmation (24-48 hrs) $20.00
Helicobacter Pylori “H-Pylori”(Antibody) $65.00
CBC (Complete Blood Count) $35.00
Chlamydia Amp. DNA Probe (STD) Urine $149.00
Glucose $49.00
Diabetes Panel: (Glucose, Hemoglobin, A1c) $75.00
Urinalysis $49.00
Liver Function $59.00
Thyroid Profile $69.00
STD Panel I (HIV, RPR, HEP A, B, C) $279.00
Lipid Profile (Cholesterol, Trig, HDL, LDL, VDL) $59.00
Hepatitis B Titer Level $79.00
Rapid HIV Screen (Results in 20 minutes) Free Lab Test with your order. $79.00
Women’s Health Screen (Chem Profile, Lipid, Thyroid, CBC) $149.00
Men’s Health Screen (Chem Profile, Lipid, Thyroid, CBC) $149.00
Men’s Health Screen with PSA $189.00
General Health Screen (Chem Profile, Lipid) $79.00
Complete Heart Risk Profile (Lipid profile, Homocysteine, C-Reactive Protein) $195.00

Individual Lab Testing


Visit Personal Lab Services to establish a health baseline through Individual Lab Testing Houston services for what’s going on inside.

PLS offers thousands of clinical Individual Lab Testing Houston tests to support your health and well-being. If you are not insured, have high-deductible insurance, a health savings account (HSA) or flexible spending account (FSA), you’ll find our Individual Lab Testing Houston services will work into your budget. Our lab tests are both transparent and affordable – you understand what you have to pay upfront instead of receiving an unknown bill.

PLS has a welcoming, clean location where you do not have to expose yourself to others who may be contagious? Visiting our office was the right choice. If you need to speak with a physician quickly after receiving your Individual Lab Testing Houston lab test results, our convenient Individual Lab Testing Houston services moves you from lab test results to speaking with a doctor – quick and convenient, schedule an appointment today with PLS.


You’re the ultimate multi-tasker that’s saving resolving all family issues that may occur. From trying to balance your job, preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner and involvement in your children school activities – A lot of instances this happens all at once! You’re developing new paths in business, being the ultimate warrior.

Now your next task – how to balance your family’s health care budget due to possibly increased insurance deductibles from Affordable Care Act changes. You excellent at providing care of others, now take care of yourself!

Personal Lab Services Houston TX offers Women’s Health lab tests you need to monitor your health.

MEN’S HEALTH in Houston, TX

You don’t want to schedule that doctor’s appointment or with your super busy schedule get those nagging symptoms checking out. Nobody wants wait all day and lose valuable time?

Don’t let health care reform interfere with your health and wellness. Regain your health and contact us today. Even simpler, just schedule an appointment online!

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  • Majority of Our Services Can Be Performed and Results Provided Without the Need For a Return Visit